The McDoel Gardens neighborhood is thriving today, a great place to call home for a diverse population. Modest historic homes and lively gardens are found on every street, as this "virtual tour" will reveal!

The most common house type in the neighborhood is the bungalow, a fine example of which is shown in this photo. One very friendly feature of most McDoel bungalows is the inviting, shady front porch.

More bungalows.

Kit homes are another common sight in McDoel. These were the affordable houses of the 1920s--ready-made houses available from Sears and other catalog companies. McDoel may well have the highest concentration of kit homes in Bloomington.

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A third common type of historic home in McDoel is older than either the bungalows or kit homes in the neighborhood. Gable-el style houses were built around 1890 to 1910. Most of the gable-el houses in McDoel feature pyramid style roofs, shown in this photo, rather than two intersecting gabled roofs.

More gable-el houses.

And surrounding and alongside McDoel's houses are some wonderful gardens!

Come visit McDoel soon!

Thanks to Paul Ash and Elizabeth Cox-Ash for providing photographs.