McDoel Gardens Today:
Kit Homes

McDoel features a number of houses which probably originated as kit homes, an inexpensive option for home builders in the 1920s. These photos match up McDoel houses with advertisements for various kit home styles.

The Homewood

The Homewood kit house featured living room, dining room, and kitchen on one floor, three bedrooms and a bath on the second floor, and a porch...all advertised as fitting on a lot 35 feet wide!

Gordon-Van Tine Home No. 579

This kit home featured a distinctive front entry way, setting it apart from the squared off porch lines of its neighbors.

The Grant

The Grant was a kit home closely resembling many of the bungalows being constructed in McDoel in the 1920s by local builders.

Thanks to Paul Ash and Elizabeth Cox-Ash for providing photographs, drawings, and research.